Sara Jenlink – Book promotion in The Hutchinson News

KWA’s mystery novel author, Sara Jenlink, recently had an article written about her book, FACING SEPTEMBER, published in the October 8, 2015 The Hutchinson News.

The story is a murder mystery rooted in a gruesome chapter of Hutchinson’s past. It concerned the still-unsolved death of 12-year-old Kelly Lynn Albright.

To read the article, “Mystery novel inspired by tale of unsolved Hutch murder,” go to this link:

*Warning: You may have to answer a simple survey question in order to be able to read the article.

Jennifer Stinger, Featured KWA Writer

PhotoBooth26It is with distinct pleasure that we profile our intrepid KWA Newsletter editor, Jennifer Stinger.  While you may not recognize her face, you have definitely seen her work if you have read a recent newsletter.  Like many of our KWA membership, Jennifer struggles to find time to write between her full-time job, and raising a two-year-old and a teenager.  When she does find time, she is working on a modern romance set in northwest Texas.  Elements include childhood friends that are reunited years later, family and loss, and helping the one you love come back from their darkest place in the midst of life-threatening danger.

Jennifer does admit, however, that she feels “other settings are just waiting for me to find the time.  I like writing romance because it’s something that almost everyone can relate to.  I also like writing fantasy because it challenges the reader to reach into something that’s unknown and new.”

Jennifer isn’t just a writer.  Her digital art combines vibrant color and animated graphic elements to create pieces that are visually stunning.  You can see more here: .

Jennifer’s favorite author is Diana Gaboldon.  She says, “My aunt introduced me to her books and for the longest time, I was waiting on pins and needles until the next book would come out.”

As for advice for writers, Jennifer pushes for the passionate approach! “Be fearless! Don’t worry about what it looks like, grammar, or spelling.  This is coming from someone that had to overcome the hurdle of editing as I was writing, which would burn me out and lead to nothing but frustration.”  So let’s write on!

Katherine Pritchett, Featured KWA Writer

K PritchettKatherine Pritchett is a gal that says she has “rarely met a book I didn’t like.” A prolific writer and collaborator, Katherine considers herself primarily a novelist, although she has written articles, papers and policy at work.  She says that she loves “the luxury afforded by the word count to dig deep into the characters and the complex events that shape them.”

Several projects are in the works:

For short pieces, Katherine writes two blogs.  Through My Window expresses living with an attitude of gratitude, of being thankful for things often taken for granted. Diary of a Wimpy Dog chronicles her life with a manipulative Labrador retriever, and their other animal friends.

Katherine’s current project, Dr. Wonderful, is a romance between a surgeon and a paramedic.

When popular surgeon Rand McQuarrie challenges female paramedic Kris Evans, she dares him to observe a shift with her crew. Together they fight to save a patient and find the beginnings of mutual respect. The respect grows into attraction, despite misunderstandings and conflicts. The many demands of their jobs place on them is part of the conflict, and they struggle to find time to be together. And when they finally agree on a future, it is suddenly placed in jeopardy.

Her Richard Matthews novels, More Than a Point of Honor and The Judas Seat, are available at Barnes & Noble.

Katherine has also collaborated on a novel with her critique group: Baby Makes Three . Inspired by the life of a famous stripper who married a billionaire, had a baby and then died, leaving paternity of the baby in question, this book explores how it COULD have happened.

Katherine notes that new writers should “Never go with your first draft. Write, re-write, re-write again, edit some more, have others read it, then let it sit under the bed for six months to a year and edit again before you even consider it ready. And to quote Winny Churchill, “Never, never, never give up.”

For more news and information about Katherine Pritchett’s work, visit Ramblings about Life and Writing.

Michael Watson, Featured KWA Writer

Meet Michael Watson.  He mostly writes historical action/adventure, 1950s, but has written short stories and a western.  He finds that writingMike Watson 2 “is a constant learning experience” that has caused him to notice the world around him more.

Michael’s newest book, Treasure of the Anasazi, is part of his Jack Trader series, currently available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Createspace.  His readers will be happy to learn that he is currently working on the 3rd book in the series. 

His favorite writer is Clive Cussler, considered by many to be the greatest action/adventure writer.  Michael’s advice to new writers is “don’t impede the creative process by obsessing over ‘rules’ of writing. First get the story out.”  To read more of Mike’s adventures, visit his website at


Everett Robert, Featured KWA Writer

Our Debut KWA Member Profile showcases playwright Everett Robert.

Everett loves the theater and writes, “ When the opportunity to dip my finger into playwriting arose, I jumped at it and haven’t looked back.”  He goes on to say that he loves “creating a world and characters and being able to physically see them brought to life by actors.”

Everett RobertEverett’s current work-in-progress is a play called “The Three Challenges of Puss in Boots” for Theater for Young Audiences (TYA).  He believes that being a “writer has allowed me to see my works performed in venues that I never would have dreamed of, in front of people I never would have expected.”  Through Everett’s plays, students have been exposed to pieces of classic literature, such as Alice in Wonderland and Tom Sawyer.

Everett is an avid reader, enjoying Neil Gaiman, Lisa Mantchev, William Shakespeare, Eugene O’Neill, Neil Simon, David Mamet, Elmore Leonard, and Stephen King.

Not just a reader and writer, Everett is also an actor.  From April 25-27th, he’ll be performing with his 3-man Troop, The Way-Out-West Players, an original play called “The Fastest Play in The West” at the Bake-off At High Noon in Meade, Kansas.

Everett’s most well-known play currently is “The Absolutely True Story of Tom Sawyer as Told by Becky Thatcher.”  One reviewer writes, “So, you think you know what Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn were up to back when they were supposed to be painting Aunt Polly’s fence? Well, think again. Becky Thatcher clues us in on the real story. Everett Robert skillfully mixes the events as told by Mark Twain with scenes depicting what Becky Thatcher claims really happened— all in great fun and with charming humor. The playing of the traditional scenes provides a great opportunity to relive your favorite moments from “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” as retold by Mark Twain while experiencing something fresh from the imagination of one of our best new children’s authors, Everett Robert. And you’ll never guess how Becky Thatcher came to know so much!”

Royalties and scripts can be purchased a Heartland Plays.  To read more about Everett and to see video of his work, visit Emergency Room Productions.

Member’s Play in Production

Joyce Markley and Ken Gale. Photo credit: Carl Williams, East Wichita News
Joyce Markley and Ken Gale. Photo credit: Carl Williams, East Wichita News

We’re so proud of KWA member Joyce Markley for making the front page of East Wichita News! Check out the April issue here.

The newspaper’s story is about Joyce’s collaboration with Ken Gale to create the musical Save Me a Dance, inspired by the statue of a little girl seen in Wichita’s Maple Grove Cemetery. Gale, a local attorney, wrote the music and lyrics. Joyce wrote the story, and her Signature Exploratory Theatre and Arts is producing the show.

Save Me a Dance premieres May 4 in Century II’s Mary Jane Teall Theater. Showtimes are 8 p.m. on May 4-5 and 2 p.m. on May 6. We hope our members will turn out to support Joyce in this accomplishment!





Passing of Irma Wassall

Irma WassallFormer KWA member and celebrated Wichita writer and artist Irma Wassall passed away Jan. 26, 2012. You can view her complete obituary at A celebration of her life is set for Feb. 5 at Piccadilly (see obituary for details).

Irma clearly had a tremendous influence on Wichita’s arts community. Do you have memories of her or her work to share? Post them below and we’ll start a KWA celebration of Irma right here.

The Secrets of Working Writers: Keyhole Conversations

Bonnie Myrick and Hazel Hart’s new vlog — that’s short for “video blog” — Keyhole Conversations puts a new twist on the author interview. You won’t meet the author exactly. This is a fun way to give voice and characterization to main characters as they talk about the book, and their authors, from the character’s point of view.

So far, KWA members Conrad Jestmore, Arlene Rains Graber and B.D. Tharp have bravely channeled their protagonists to give us insight into their stories. Here’s Jimmy O’Reilly giving us his take on the events of River of Murder by Jestmore:

We think it’s a great way to give life to these people who populate our pages. Check it out, and consider: what would you characters say about you?

Take a peek at more Conversations:

NaNoWriMo Stars in our Midst

Several of our members are putting up rock-star numbers in the annual writing marathon known as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo to its fans). The goal is to write 50,000 words of fiction before the clock strikes December.

NaNoWriMoIt’s more than a random number and a personal goal. NaNoWriMo is a community event. You can keep a running log of your progress at, chat with other writers for support, and generally encourage one another to keep the word count coming. Some might view is as a stunt, others as a lark. But for the vast majority, it works because it sets up a challenge and a deadline that, frankly, most of us need to stay on task.

If you’re participating in this year’s NaNo, post your progress here too so we can cheer you on! Just use the comment section below.

My first book video

What an experience this has been helping to create my first book video in connection with Goddess Fish Promotions. This was created for my medieval romance released May 7, Their Lady Gloriana, which is available as both a paperback and a Kindle ebook at Amazon, as well as with my publisher Black Velvet Seductions. The video can be seen on my Starla Kaye website or at YouTube by searching for Their Lady Gloriana.