The Secrets of Working Writers: Keyhole Conversations

Bonnie Myrick and Hazel Hart’s new vlog — that’s short for “video blog” — Keyhole Conversations puts a new twist on the author interview. You won’t meet the author exactly. This is a fun way to give voice and characterization to main characters as they talk about the book, and their authors, from the character’s point of view.

So far, KWA members Conrad Jestmore, Arlene Rains Graber and B.D. Tharp have bravely channeled their protagonists to give us insight into their stories. Here’s Jimmy O’Reilly giving us his take on the events of River of Murder by Jestmore:

We think it’s a great way to give life to these people who populate our pages. Check it out, and consider: what would you characters say about you?

Take a peek at more Conversations:

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