Opportunities for Pet Writers

All Creatures   – https://www.guideposts.org/writers-guidelines

This national magazine features heartwarming stories about the animals who share our lives. They publish true first person accounts, interviews and inspiring articles. One way to break in is by submitting much-needed material to these columns: Is This for Real? Their Mysterious Ways, Creature Comforts and Should I Be Worried? (Study the magazine for examples.)

Payment: Varies with pitch, length of article, research involved, etc.

How to pitch: Pitch allcreatures@guideposts.org. Include as many specifics in the subject line as possible. (i.e. “Submission: Mysterious Horse Sighting Confirmed Mom Was Watching Over Us”).

Simply Pets  – https://www.simplypetslifestyle.com/submission-guidelines

Simply Pets is a lifestyle magazine for the whole family, available digitally or in print and sold in Barnes & Noble stores. The website describes the magazine as “one that represents you as a pet parent, as well as your petkids, your values and your interests as a pet-loving person.”

Payment: No monetary compensation, but author bio and links will promote you to their audience.   

How to pitch: Check out their submission guidelines and email info@simplypetsmagazine.com with “Great story to be told” in the subject line. 

Chicken Soup for the Soulhttps://www.chickensoup.com/story-submissions/story-guidelines/

The brand’s popularity and the high volume of stories in each book make Chicken Soup for the Soul an exciting market for authors. Each volume features 101 true stories submitted by writers just like you. For animal lovers, there are opportunities to contribute to a new dog book and a new cat book each year. All stories should be true and written in first person.

Payment: $200, plus 10 free copies of the book where your story appears.

How to pitch: Submissions are accepted only through the website form. 

The Bark – https://thebark.com/

Well-researched, journalistic articles are most likely to find a home in this magazine, seeking to publish “literate and entertaining” dog-centric articles and stories. They also accept shorter web articles (less than 600 words).

Payment: Print magazine payment varies according to complexity and length of article, and is individually negotiated. Articles published on the website offer writers a one-year complimentary subscription to The Bark.

How to pitch: Submit magazine article or queries to submissions@thebark.com, submit website articles to editor@thebark.com with “YOUR LAST NAME and WEB ORIGINALS SUBMISSION” in the subject line.

The Dodo – https://allgoodtales.com/passionate-about-stories-the-dodo/

This website posts entertaining, highly shareable animal videos and stories. Writers have an opportunity to tell stories that go along with their videos and slide shows. Think popular, trendy, and amazing!

Payment: This information is not disclosed on the website.

How to pitch: Send your pitch to https://allgoodtales.com/talk-to-us/

Dogster – https://www.dogster.com/

Dogster is a popular magazine and website where dog lovers come together for expert advice on everything from dog breeds, to barking, to training issue, to dog cancer treatments.

Payment: Varies.

How to pitch: Submit queries only (no fully written articles) here.

Catster – https://www.catster.com/meet-team-catster

Cat lovers will find informative articles in this magazine and website, on topics such as cat breeds, vocalizations, feeding and health and wellness.

Payment: Varies

How to pitch: Submit queries to https://www.dogster.com/contact-dogster-editors 

Animal Wellness – https://animalwellnessmagazine.com/contact-us/submissions/

Articles in this magazine focus on holistic healing and provide readers with information to help them make health care choices for their dogs and cats. They’re looking for articles on topics including physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. To break in, consider writing short features such as Animal Passages, Warm & Fuzzy, and Tail End. (See magazine for examples.)

Payment: Varies with pitch, length of article, research involved, etc.

How to pitch: Send complete articles or story outlines to ann@redstonemediagroup.com

Natural Cat Care Blog – https://loveofacat.com/write-for-natural-cat-care-blog/

Do you have an uplifting, true story about you and your cat? Or an expert post about natural cat health and wellbeing? This site is looking for helpful posts including DIY eco cat toys, green cat care options, and helpful or inspiring content about cat healing, behavior, and healthy and holistic feeding. Articles that are 500-1,300 words is the ideal range.

Payment: No monetary compensation.

How to pitch: Submit your full article in email to liz@naturalcatcareblog.com with “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line. 

Your Pet Space – https://www.yourpetspace.info/submission-guidelines/

This website offers a wide range of perspectives on a variety of pets and pet subjects. They’re looking for helpful articles, as well as posts from nonprofit organizations and pet vendors about their work and products.

Payment: $20/article

How to pitch: Query managing editor Jessica Smith at managerjessica@yourpetspace.info

The Chronicle of the Horse – https://www.chronofhorse.com/page/writers-guidelines

 The Chronicle of the Horse is a national bi-weekly magazine focused on dressage, jumping, foxhunt, steeplechase racing and other sport horse news. In addition, they publish articles on horse care and profiles of prominent horse people. They occasionally accept humor, human interest and historical articles.

The Chronicle of the Horse Untacked, a sister publication, is looking for articles on fashion, travel, product reviews and other elements of the equestrian lifestyle.

Payment: News stories (approximately 1,500 words) offer payment of $165-$220. Feature articles offer payment of (approximately 1,500-2,500 words) $150-$400.

How to pitch: Submit stories to brasin@coth.com

Horse Network – https://horsenetwork.com/contribute/

It’s hard to imagine an aspect of equestrian life and horsemanship that isn’t covered on this website. Subjects include horse sports, trends, training, health, cowboy culture, fashion, art, literature and more. They are currently seeking articles on horse health, profiles, interviews, and human interest stories.

Payment: $50 and up for an article. In addition, you’ll receive extra compensation ($100) if your post becomes popular on social media.

How to pitch: Submit to https://horsenetwork.com/contribute/

Reptiles Magazine – https://reptilesmagazine.com/writers-guidelines/

Reptiles is a bimonthly magazine catering to reptile and amphibian hobbyists at all levels of experience, from beginner to veteran. They are seeking articles on pet reptile husbandry, breeding “herps” in captivity, field herping/travel, conservation and health.

Payment: $300 on average, for a 2,000 to 2,500 word piece with photos.

How to pitch: Email your query to reptileseditorial@gmail.com

Tropical Fish Hobbyist – https://www.tfhmagazine.com/contact-us

If your hobby involves aquariums and fishkeeping, you may find just the right outlet for your writing in Tropical Fish Hobbyist. They’re seeking articles about freshwater fish, saltwater fish, aquatic plants, aquarium basics, food and feeding. Articles should be between 10,000 and 20,000 characters-with-spaces.

Payment: This information is not disclosed on the website.

How to pitch: Submit manuscripts as email attachments to associateeditor@tfh.com

Continental Kennel Club – https://ckcusa.com/about/write-for-ckc/

The CKC audience includes dog breeders, dog owners, canine professionals, puppy buyers, affiliate clubs and event participants. According to their website, “If you’re as passionate about dogs as we are, we would love to feature your work on our site.” They are looking for articles on responsible breeding, training, health, nutrition, grooming, lifestyle, travel, DIY projects, recipes, and opinion pieces.

Payment: No monetary compensation.

How to pitch: Submit your work to editor@ckcusa.com

 I Heart Pets – https://www.i-heart-pets.com/submit-content/

This website is devoted to “finned, feathered and furry fun.” The site is full of sharable photos and videos, and you can also submit your true stories.

Payment: This information is not disclosed on the website.

How to pitch: Send your story to IHeartPetsOnline@gmail.com


Write About Your Furry Friends: 18 Pet Publications That Want Your Stories – https://thewritelife.com/pet-publications/#1_All_Creatures