Learning from the Masters

Program presented by Louise Pelzl Having worked in marketing and sales for years, there is one vital bit of knowledge I gained. It’s okay to borrow ideas that work well instead of reinventing them. We can’t use other authors’ exact words in our writing, that is plagiarism, but we can use the concept of how […]

January 19th Writing Prompts

Happy New Year, everyone! Best wishes for your writing success in 2019 and beyond. These are the writing prompts for January: A tire blows out as you’re in the car with someone on the verge of his/her own breakdown. Stuck in a small town, you’re about to do something you haven’t done in years. Describe […]

2019 Writing Goals

Are any of you up for setting writing goals for 2019? Years ago we used to do this in January of each year, and then see who had met (or come close to) their goals in December. It was fun and challenging. It is good to just plan to write when you get a chance. […]

December 15th Writing Prompts

Yes, we’re going to party at the December 15th KWA meeting. Yes, we’ll have fun visiting and networking. But you can still try you hand at one of the writing prompts for December. Grandmother pulled the last tray of gingerbread men from the oven. Suddenly… “Ho-Ho-help me!” came the voice from the chimney… All the […]

2019 Officers Elected

At the November meeting the 2019 officers were elected. President – Wes Brummer Vice President – Rae Cuda Secretary – Ernestine Frame Treasurer – Chris Davies Member-at-Large – Wendell Skinner Member-at-Large – Clystia Skinner

November 17th Writing Prompts

Once again it is time to offer you some opportunities to challenge your writing skills. The writing prompts for the November 17th meeting are as follows: “Hello,” said the voice on the phone. “My name is _______. I know you never expected a call from me, as famous as I am, but I’ve been given […]

Taking Turns Telling Tales – released

The 2018 story collection from Kansas Writers Association has just been released. Taking Turns Telling Tales is a collection of varied stories in different styles and genres from 17 authors. There is something for everyone. The collection is available from Amazon Kindle – Lulu –

October 20th Meeting & Writing Prompts

The October 20th meeting will focus on writing dialogue and more. Gloria Zachgo and David Heffelfinger will present the double program. The Writing Prompts for October are: You’re at your favorite department store buying a birthday present for a friend. As the cashier gives you change, you notice a message with specific instructions scribbled on […]

September 15th Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are provided to challenge our members, to get our creative juices flowing. If you haven’t joined the fun, now is your chance. The prompts for September 15th are: What would you do if you could travel free anyplace in the world? Who is the person from history that you would most like to […]

September 8 – Wichita Public Library Local Author Day

The Wichita Public Library is having their  Third Annual Local Author Day September 8. The day begins with a panel on the pros and cons of self-publishing; next, meet with your favorite hometown authors and see what’s new in Wichita’s literary world. Authors will have available copies of their books, including adult and children’s books. […]