Everett Robert, Featured KWA Writer

Our Debut KWA Member Profile showcases playwright Everett Robert.

Everett loves the theater and writes, “ When the opportunity to dip my finger into playwriting arose, I jumped at it and haven’t looked back.”  He goes on to say that he loves “creating a world and characters and being able to physically see them brought to life by actors.”

Everett RobertEverett’s current work-in-progress is a play called “The Three Challenges of Puss in Boots” for Theater for Young Audiences (TYA).  He believes that being a “writer has allowed me to see my works performed in venues that I never would have dreamed of, in front of people I never would have expected.”  Through Everett’s plays, students have been exposed to pieces of classic literature, such as Alice in Wonderland and Tom Sawyer.

Everett is an avid reader, enjoying Neil Gaiman, Lisa Mantchev, William Shakespeare, Eugene O’Neill, Neil Simon, David Mamet, Elmore Leonard, and Stephen King.

Not just a reader and writer, Everett is also an actor.  From April 25-27th, he’ll be performing with his 3-man Troop, The Way-Out-West Players, an original play called “The Fastest Play in The West” at the Bake-off At High Noon in Meade, Kansas.

Everett’s most well-known play currently is “The Absolutely True Story of Tom Sawyer as Told by Becky Thatcher.”  One reviewer writes, “So, you think you know what Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn were up to back when they were supposed to be painting Aunt Polly’s fence? Well, think again. Becky Thatcher clues us in on the real story. Everett Robert skillfully mixes the events as told by Mark Twain with scenes depicting what Becky Thatcher claims really happened— all in great fun and with charming humor. The playing of the traditional scenes provides a great opportunity to relive your favorite moments from “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” as retold by Mark Twain while experiencing something fresh from the imagination of one of our best new children’s authors, Everett Robert. And you’ll never guess how Becky Thatcher came to know so much!”

Royalties and scripts can be purchased a Heartland Plays.  To read more about Everett and to see video of his work, visit Emergency Room Productions.

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