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PhotoBooth26It is with distinct pleasure that we profile our intrepid KWA Newsletter editor, Jennifer Stinger.  While you may not recognize her face, you have definitely seen her work if you have read a recent newsletter.  Like many of our KWA membership, Jennifer struggles to find time to write between her full-time job, and raising a two-year-old and a teenager.  When she does find time, she is working on a modern romance set in northwest Texas.  Elements include childhood friends that are reunited years later, family and loss, and helping the one you love come back from their darkest place in the midst of life-threatening danger.

Jennifer does admit, however, that she feels “other settings are just waiting for me to find the time.  I like writing romance because it’s something that almost everyone can relate to.  I also like writing fantasy because it challenges the reader to reach into something that’s unknown and new.”

Jennifer isn’t just a writer.  Her digital art combines vibrant color and animated graphic elements to create pieces that are visually stunning.  You can see more here: .

Jennifer’s favorite author is Diana Gaboldon.  She says, “My aunt introduced me to her books and for the longest time, I was waiting on pins and needles until the next book would come out.”

As for advice for writers, Jennifer pushes for the passionate approach! “Be fearless! Don’t worry about what it looks like, grammar, or spelling.  This is coming from someone that had to overcome the hurdle of editing as I was writing, which would burn me out and lead to nothing but frustration.”  So let’s write on!

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