August 17th Writing Prompts

It’s time again for writing challenges. Even if you don’t bring yours to share with the group, try one of them just for yourself.

If you want to try using one or all of the words in a sentence, paragraph, short piece, these are the words for August: hope – train – flute – computer – castle

Writing Prompts:

  1. Write a detailed description of one of the characters in your recent work or a story you have recently read. Have a secondary character describe her or him.
  2. If you attended July’s meeting and received a wanted postcard from our speaker, Jim Potter, write a story about the person and the crime they committed.
  3. What is the best book you have ever read? Why did you like it? Did reading the book change you in any way? What way?
  4. Think about an incident that happened to you and exaggerate in the telling. Make it into a tall tale.

If you would rather use your own prompt, please do so. Looking forward to seeing everyone on August 17th –usual place, usual time. Happy writing, Louse.

Author: Starla

Starla Criser is multi-published as a children's book author and author of older relationship stories. I am also multi-published in romance as Starla Kaye.

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