Samantha LaFantasie, Featured KWA Writer

Yes, she’ll tell you, her last name really is LaFantasie.  And that’s fitting because Samantha mainly writes fantasy.  Her most recent novel, Heart Song, is an adult fantasy with lots of romance, available via Createspace   and/or Amazon Kindle.  She currently has been working on the first of a series of novellas, Made to Forget, that she hopes to make available this summer.

Samantha LaFantasieSamantha believes that writing fantasy suits her best.  She writes, “I love that there are very little rules to follow when writing fantasy.  It can be as varied as you would like it to be, as fantastical or mundane.”  When asked how writing has impacted her life, Samantha notes, “Each day I remember something from my past that has come about from writing.  From poetry and songwriting from my younger school years to the more serious undertaking of novels in recent years, writing has been my therapy.”  Samantha admits that while she got her reading start on R.L. Stine, she became addicted to fantasy with Weis and Hickman’s Dragonlance series.

For advice for new writers, Samantha admonishes that “It doesn’t matter how much or what you write.  Just write.  And don’t pay too much attention to the specific mechanics either.  You’ll find that they change with each person—which also says that there’s no right way to write!”

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