October 16 – KWA Meeting

Because the Extension Office where we have been meeting was booked (every room!) for October, we have found an alternative location. November through January are booked at the Extension Office.

New Meeting Place

For the upcoming meeting on October 16, we will meet at theOrchard Recreation Center, 4808 W. 9th St., Wichita, KS 67212. 


To get there, go east on Central east of I-235 until you come to Doris Street. Then turn north to Clara Street. From there you should see the Center. It is between Orchard Skate Park and Hadley Elementary. Or follow the directions on your phone or GPS.

Board Meeting

 We have the center from 1-5, so Board members plan on staying a bit after 4:30 to meet. Members are welcome to stay for the board meeting.  


Andy Meyer is presenting about psychopaths. Or psychology.  Information we can use to create dimensional characters.

Nov 18 Monthly Meeting Recap

KWA members met in our usual place, at our usual time November 18th. We shared tidbits about what we write and any recent writing accomplishments. We also elected officers for 2018 and did some pretty decent planning for 2018 meetings.

2018 Officers

President – Rae Ann Cuda

Vice-President – Wes Brummer

Secretary – Ernestine Frame

Treasurer – Chris Davies

Member-at-Large – Louise Pelzl

Member-at-Large – Gloria Zachgo


2018 Programs (subject to changes)

Jan 20 – Cliffhangers and Plotting, by Kathy Pritchett

Feb 17 – Adding Romantic Sizzle: From Sweet to Hot, by Starla Criser

Mar 17 – TBA, by Gloria Zachgo

Apr 21 – Poetry Info, by Chris Davies

May 19 – Psychological Info, by Charles Gaynor

Jun 16 – Marketing on a Shoestring, by Wes Brummer

Jul 21 – Pacing, by Bob Morris

2017 KWA Anthology

This is a reminder about the 2017 KWA Anthology, with a deadline of June 30, 2017.

2017 KWA Anthology


  1. Must be a member of KWA.
  2. No pornographic material (try to make it suitable for ages 10 to 90).
  3. Must be an unpublished work which you own the rights to (you will retain the rights to your work even after publication).
  4. Use only the name you wish to have listed as the author.
  5. Short stories shall be limited to 1 per author and can be no longer than 20,000 words. Poetry shall be limited to 5 per author and can be no longer than 50 lines per poem. Also remember that the book is 6 x 9 inches and if you write a line that has fifty words, it will get split up on the page. So think about how you want your poetry to look – might even use page set up at 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 when you write it.
  6. Submission rules: Please make sure that it is single spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman, paragraph indention 2 spaces. Full justification. If you wish to leave a space between paragraphs, then please center space with ***. If possible Word works best. (Because there are so many different writing programs some of them seem to take on their own life when they are e-mailed. Such as a space between every paragraph, which I then have to determine was it on purpose or not, usually not. This is why the *** helps to know that is how the author wants it. And some works have an indention of 7 or 8 spaces, which does not look good in book form.)
  7. E-mail as an attachment (this is very important – will not accept it any other way) to: Attn – Sonny Collins
  8. Deadline is June 30, 2017 – no exceptions.

Send submission to: prairiemoonpublications@hotmail.com

December 17 Meeting – Holiday Party!

December 17th is our annual Holiday Party…fun times, sharing with friends, good food, and more.

We will have a potluck meal starting at 1:30 pm. Bring a salad, a vegetable dish, an entree, or a dessert to share with everyone.

KWA will provide water, tableware, plates, and napkins.

We will also have a time for a few of you to share (briefly) something you are reading or have read recently. Tell us what about the book appealed to you writing-wise, or didn’t.

We will also have a wrapped book exchange, using the “one steal” method. Bring a new or used book, wrapped. We will have some extra wrapped books for those of you who either forget or for people who show up not knowing about this fun time. Guests are welcome to take part in this as well.

Oh…there will be at least one or two door prizes.



President – Louise Pelzl

Vice President – Kathy Pritchett

Secretary – Ernestine Frame

Treasurer – Jody Wilson

Member-at-Large – Sonny Collins

Fairy Tale Challenge – Write In West McAlister’s Deli

In an effort to breathe some life into the Monday night Write-Ins, we’re going to add some CHALLENGES. (Particularly to the West location)

You don’t have to take part in the Challenge. You are still welcome to join us for networking and help with your writing.

These are the Challenge ideas for the next few weeks:

three-little-pigsSep 19 – Briefly rewrite a fairy tale or children’s story (such a The Three Little Pigs, which two of us are going to attempt)

Sep 26 – Try your hand at writing a scary scene

Oct 3 – Share your hook from your current WIP