Dec 21st Writing Prompts

The December meeting is the “party” meeting. It isn’t required, but you are invited to bring something finger-food wise to share with everyone. There will also be a gift exchange for anyone wanting to take part in that. Bring something of $10 value approximately that is related somehow to writing: a new or gently-used book, pens, paper, etc.

I don’t know if there will be a time to share your writing prompt exercise, but in case there is or you just want to do a challenge, here are some prompts.

Words: heaven – bicycle – cradle – fox – wheelbarrow

Prompt: Write about someone interesting from your past.

About Starla

I write/publish romance novellas and novels of several sub-genres as Starla Kaye for Blushing Books, Black Velvet Seductions, and Red Rose Publishing. I also publish romantic suspense as S. K. Fero mainly for Blushing Books. As a break away from my more serious writing efforts, I write romantic snippet stories about Blossom (a cow) and her bullfriend (Ferdinand).
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  1. Cheryl Simpson says:

    Thank everyone for all kindnesses shown yesterday at your December meeting. I am a Newbee and so enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to joining your group.

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