Nov 21 KWA Meeting

Do you have style? Find out at the KWA meeting on Saturday, Nov 21 at 1:30 in the Rockwell Library on Ninth Street, west of Woodlawn. Bring your PROSE work on your computer so you can analyze a section (no dialogue). We will learn what sentence constructs are analyzed in order to reflect specific points of view, and audience needs. The purpose for editing techniques will be clarified and therefore, applicable in your own work. Discover style that fits your characters, your POV, and your audience.
Sara Jenlink, who will teach the session, holds a Masters in English Rhetoric and Literature. She has used this technique to teach writing for twenty years.

Author: Starla

Starla Criser is multi-published as a children's book author and author of older relationship stories. I am also multi-published in romance as Starla Kaye.

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