What Makes YOU So Special? A Guide to Creating Your Own Personal Brand

Social Media – October2013

Everyone is unique. Social media is where talented writers like us can shine. In just 20-30 minutes a day, you can master social media. We’re all busy. Most of us have days jobs. Here’s how to create a niche quickly.

Create a unique trademark

Use your writing genre to determine your social media alter-ego. Are you Captain Crime? Detective Danger? The Memory Keeper? Rhyming Rita? The Haiku Ninja?

My super power is encouragement. What’s yours? Find your passion. Become an expert. Draw people in with your enthusiasm.

Load daily content

I get up very morning, drink my coffee and open my email. First, I read my daily devotion, then I post a Bible verse and encouraging quote on my Facebook fan page and Twitter feed, different ones for each. After I check for messages on both, I start my day job. There are thousands of good sayings on www.quotegarden.com and www.brainyquote.com. Post fresh content every day. A line from your latest novel or poem will do nicely. Plan ahead!

Add a link to your latest blog post on your Facebook fan page. Not too often…twice a week is plenty. Conversation starters and funny quotes make interesting content. After dinner, read one blog post from a new or favorite author. Share a couple of your favorites every week with your readers.

Interact with your target audience

Personal attention and interaction is the key here. Try to give a reply to every comment and question. Follow Friday is my favorite day! You can share the love with all your writer friends. They get publicity and the ripples on the pond expand. All my Twitter followers have a chance to check out my friends’ work. #Hashtags are fun! Just condense your thoughts in a couple of words. I use #encourageher. Keep it short, though, Tweets are 140 characters. Period.

Attract loyal readers

The best way to attract followers is to be yourself. If you are passionate about your content, people will follow. It takes time and commitment. Your product is you. Give value. Be grateful. Show you care.

I check the stats on my blog site weekly to see how I’m doing. It’s fun to know that people in Bulgaria read my blog.

Now that you’ve created a unique trademark, loaded daily content, interacted with your target audience and attracted loyal readers, you are officially a Social Media Super Hero!

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