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I try to be active on social media (anyone who follows me on Twitter is now laughing hysterically).  Like many, though, I need to get a lot better.

Someone asked me why Twitter and Facebook (etc., etc.) are important – wouldn’t I be better off writing?  True, I do procrastinate a bit more than I should in checking Facebook (I’m sure many of our members can relate), but social media does serve a purpose besides avoiding work.  There’s news and information about contests – and the latest publishing debacle.  The ability to interact with writers all over the world – some unknown and some quite famous.  Moreover, there’s opportunity: Twitter hosts pitch sessions and gives agents a place to list what they’re looking for (#MSWL – for Manuscript Wish List).

To be able to play, though, you have to get in the game.  Twitter.  Facebook.  Blogging. Where to start, and what to do?  For this reason, I’m so looking forward to Saturday’s meeting.  Carol Martin will be talking social media, and she knows a lot.  She had I have had several brief chats to discuss what to cover, and those chats have left me wanting more.  She’ll start out simply (so if you have no idea what a tweet is, you’ll be fine) and let questions from the attendees guide her.

Feel free to bring your laptop or tablet and play along  Rockwell Library does have internet if you’re a Wichita Library patron.  The meeting will start at 1:30, and should wind down around 3:30.  If people are interested, there will be an informal critique session afterwards (bring about 5 pages of your work).

We’re starting to ponder next year’s meetings, so if you have any idea for one of those let one of the Board members know.  What topics would you like covered in a meeting?  In a workshop?  We’ll probably have a social media meeting at least once a year, as the internet is constantly evolving.

I’d be quite remiss if I didn’t mention National Novel Writing Month (   Granted, writing 50,000 words in a month isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you need a kick in the pants it’s a fun experience.  NaNoWriMo starts November 1, so you still have plenty of time to sign up!   We’ve quite a few WriMos on the Board, so you will have company.

We did have our second write-in, which was a blast!  Our next one will be October 24 at McAlister’s Deli on Rock Road.  We totally stole the idea of write-ins from NaNo – it’s a great way to be social and yet get some work done.

Keep the words flowing!



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