Endings and Beginnings

Greetings, fellow wordsmiths!

Our September meeting will focus on endings.  Sonny Collins will lead the discussion: as usual, we’ll be eager to hear our members’ input as well.  I know I always struggle with endings – one of my biggest issues is thinking that the endings I come up with aren’t exciting or dramatic enough.  Not every ending has to be a shoot-’em-up/showdown between the Forces of Good and Evil – but for some reason, whether or not it suits the story, I think that’s what I need.

We’ll also discuss an idea that VP Starla Criser came up with – and hope we don’t murder it too badly, since she won’t be able to attend.  The basic concept is that after the main meeting is over, we’ll split into different groups (new writers, poets, memoirists, grammar help, etc.) so people can either meet with others writing in their genre or hopefully get some advice and help.  This is currently just an idea, and we want to get your feedback: is this something you’d like?  Would this be useful?  What “groups” would you suggest?  It’s a cool idea (I feel my description did it a disservice) and the Board is anxious to see what our members think.

The Kansas Book Festival was great fun, even if we did have to fight through the construction around and at the Capitol and sit in 100+ heat!  At least we had tents.  We got to meet a lot of wonderful folks, including some members we seldom get to see at our regular meetings.  We didn’t sell that many books (apparently people don’t come to a book festival to buy books – I didn’t see that many people making sales), but we did have a great time and plan to go again next year.

We are sponsoring a table at the Kansas Authors Club conference, which is October 4-6.  If you have books you want to sell, please bring them to the meeting.  If you’d like to help staff the table, please let us know.  The conference is going to be in downtown Wichita.

We are considering sponsoring tables at local events as part of our efforts to promote our members.  Be sure to let us know what you think of this idea!  Holiday craft fairs are coming up: they may be an ideal place to sell books.

I look forward to seeing you at this month’s meetings!

Keep writing!  Lisette


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