January 18th – Basics and Goals

A new year is upon us. Time to get moving forward on a project you’ve started and maybe got stalled on. Or time to move past the thought of “I’ll write a book (or whatever) someday” and get started.

Maybe you need a refresher on some of the basics, or need to learn them to begin with. Those will be the focus of the January meeting. There will be handouts on some of the basics discussed so you can refer back to them when needed in your personal writing life.

To Be Discussed:

  • Personal writing goals
  • Writing basics: formatting, word count, genres
  • Writing preparation: where, when, what
  • Project organization methods

As always, the most important thing is that ALL of us share in the discussions. Each writer has different experiences or helpful hints about how to do something. Share, share, share. Learn, learn, learn.

2019 Writing Goals

Are any of you up for setting writing goals for 2019? Years ago we used to do this in January of each year, and then see who had met (or come close to) their goals in December. It was fun and challenging.

It is good to just plan to write when you get a chance. But that is too wishy-washy, too easily ignored. If you are serious about working on your writing career, or even just improving your writing, it is better to think about making personal writing goals.

Here are a few websites with good information about setting writing goals:

Goal Setting 101: Setting Writing Goals the S.M.A.R.T. Way

7 Tips for Creating Writing Goals that Actually Work

3 Writing Goals You Should Set