July 15 – Meeting – Working with Dialogue

July’s meeting will cover working with dialogue using a unique method so the all attending members can be involved.

Without dialogue, you can only watch the action, and you will never be able to understand the emotional message. Different characters speak in a variety of ways. Real dialogue is getting into your character’s head. You have to know your character well before you can write their dialogue. Dialogue needs to be kept interesting, or you lose the reader.

Louise will have tidbits of information from a class called “Mastering Dialogue” that she took from Creative Writing Now.

Member Participation: Rather than just have a discussion, she asks that anyone who has work in progress or a completed novel to bring copies of any dialogue they want to share. You are also welcome to bring dialogue from a recent book you have read.

Bring a page for each character speaking and enough copies so each reader has their own copy. (Two characters speaking, bring two pages and two copies; three characters speaking, bring three pages and three copies, etc.) A member will then speak the character dialogue with another member, i.e. playing out the scene. She thinks it will make the reading more realistic and more enjoyable for everyone.

Each writer will have a few minutes to explain the set-up for why the conversation is taking place. Then the readers will read their dialogue. The listening members will have no more than 10 minutes to critique the conversation.

June 17 Monthly Meeting – Edit & Polish

The KWA meeting is Saturday, June 17th. Usual place…usual time.

This is going to be a critique meeting. Bring your entries for the KWA anthology, which must be submitted by June 30th. Or you can bring any other work you want feedback on.

Bring three (3) pages of your short story or two-three poems and enough copies to share with 5-6 people.

We will break into groups to give everyone feedback on their work. Time permitting, we will have a discussion on dialogue.

Don’t forget The Takeaway Table. Bring something to share with others, or pick up something that interests you.

Louise missed seeing everyone last month. She will bring pictures from her Kenya trip. She looks forward to seeing everyone.

Jan 28 – Monthly Meeting – Editing

Please note that ONLY for this month, the meeting has been changed to January 28th.

We’re starting off the new writing year with a program on Editing. There are so many ways to go about reviewing, refining, and improving your manuscript. What exactly do you edit, you ask? Well…everything.

During the editing phase of a writing project, you take an overall look at the manuscript. Then you break that review process down into pieces: grammar, punctuation, plot, characters, settings, even a look at the proposed title. Editing is not just about grammar, but using more powerful words, great descriptions and tightening.

We’ll be going over some of the processes various members use to edit their work. Kathy will give a short talk on An Author’s Words. And, possibly, Seti will share some helpful tidbits about editing with us.

There will be handouts for help. And there will, as always, be time for everyone to share their experience with editing.

Come to the meeting prepared to learn something that maybe you haven’t tried, yet may be the stroke of brilliance you need. Come prepared to ask questions and offer your suggestions.

Updated Handout on Editing Creates Style

Breaking news… The handout from the Editing program on May 21 has been removed. An updated handout, Quick Summary of Editing Creates Style, replaces that one. Be sure to check this out and do some serious thinking in connection with your writing project.


Editing Program Handout

Sara Jenlink presented a wonderful program on Editing at the Saturday May 21 meeting. One of her handouts has been added to the Writer Resources section on this website.

She plans to tips on editing revisions once a month and discuss them. Be sure to watch for this helpful information.


May 21 Meeting – Editing

The May 21st Meeting will focus on Editing. This is a teaching workshop conducted by Sara Jenlink. She will provide information on standard errors and fixes. Bring a project with you. You might also want to bring your laptop and your library card, as there are some things that she can show you on your computer – such as checking the grade level of your writing.

May 21st Schedule:

12:30 Board Meeting (always open to members)

1:30 Editing Workshop

3:30 Critique Session