October 15 Meeting – Characters

question-markThis month our program has to do with Characters – What and Who They Are. No matter what genre you write in, characters are a key element to the writing project. This includes memoir writing.

In a work of fiction, a character is a person (though not necessarily a human being) depicted in a narrative or drama. Characters may be flat, minor characters or round and major. The main character in a story is generally known as the protagonist; the character who opposes him or her is the antagonist. Character is revealed by how a character responds to conflict, by his or her dialogue, and through descriptions. (This excellent description was borrowed from The Definition of “Character” in Fiction Writing https://www.thebalance.com/the-definition-of-character-in-fiction-writing-1277093.)

In our program (and group discussion) on Characters, we will cover:

  • Characters – What and who they are
  • POV – Changing from one character to another in your work
  • Character Sheets – Examples of
  • Characterization – Thoughts about the how-tos
  • Murder, Forensics, and Fiction – How to kill your characters and make it believable.

If there is time, we will also have some writing tidbits.