KWA Update

I was waiting for complete information from the November meeting before I posted an update. Unfortunately, I still don’t have all the correct details. But I will share what I do know.

There is a proposal being considered by the board to amend the Bylaws concerning the terms of the officers. It was suggested that we stagger the officers for two year terms. At this time, we don’t have a term limit.

It was announced that Zoom may be available in the future from Marcia Helten, who has unlimited time.

The 2022 newly elected board members include Kathy Pritchett (President), Ben Sutherland (Vice-President), Angela Largent (Treasurer), Marcia Helten (Secretary), Sonny Collins (Member-at-Large), and Jatonna (Member-at-Large).

Author: Starla

Starla Criser is multi-published as a children's book author and author of older relationship stories. I am also multi-published in romance as Starla Kaye.