January 18th Writing Prompts

It’s a new year and we should be off and running, excited about writing. To start this venture, here are some Prompts, Words, and Exercises.


  • He’d never been in her bathroom before. As he turned on the hot water to wash his hands, the mirror, which was prone to fogging, fogged. And he saw what was written there.
  • After decades of friendship, it doesn’t seem possible, but she realizes she won’t ever speak to her best friend again. Explain why.
  • You’re at the airport waiting for your plane. You overhear a conversation that concerns you. Describe.
  • What do you need to do by the end of the year to make this year meaningful?

Words: Promote – Clothes – Hide – Wild – Slime


Mike Klaassen, in his book “Fiction Writing Modes,” says that there are eight methods of expressing emotion in your writing:

  1. Narration-narrator tells the emotion
    1. Ex:  Harry felt a growing sense of concern as he approached the house.
  2. Exposition – a more detailed explanation of an emotion;
    1. Ex: Harry felt a growing sense of concern because innocent people could get hurt.
  3. Conversation or dialogue;
    1. Ex: “I’m worried. Innocent people could get hurt,” Harry said.
  4. Introspection or thoughts;
    1. Ex:  Harry realized that people could get hurt.
  5. Recollection – a memory;
    1. Ex:  As he approached the house, he remembered that people had been hurt here.
  6. Reaction – physical reaction to an emotion
    1. Ex: Harry’s heart began to pound as he approached the house.
  7. Action – a physical response;
    1. Harry clenched his fists as he approached the house.
  8. Abstention- leaving emotion out of a passage where it should be included.
    1. Ex: Harry approached the house where people had died.

Using as many of those techniques as you can, write a scene of your own choosing, or use the techniques in one of the prompts above to describe emotions that your characters are feeling.

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