Share a Story at our May Workshop

KWA Meetings

We’re peeling back the layers of fiction genres and sub-genres at our monthly meeting this Saturday, May 21. But we’re also making time to let our members strut their stuff. You’re invited to bring something you’ve written and read it aloud. It can be a short story, poem, essay, or a scene from your novel. Just keep it brief enough so we have time for everyone who wants to participate.

We love talking about writing but we love hearing what our members can do too — maybe more. It’s one thing to know your fellow writers struggle with the same issues you do. But we can’t just talk about the process all the time. Sometimes, we want results! How did you resolve that point-of-view conflict? What moved your dialogue from static to snappy? Let us be inspired and moved by what you actually have written. And if you’re just a little too shy about public speaking to step up the podium, consider letting someone else read for you. This isn’t a critique session per se but you never know, you may get some feedback that you needed.

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The mission of KWA is to inform, support, encourage and promote the writer. We have more than 100 members who write in all genres, in fiction and non-fiction, who publish traditionally and online. Let us help you hone your skills, polish your work, network with other writers, and put you on the path to publication.

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