Arlene Rains Graber, Featured KWA Writer

Arlene Rains Graber shows style and a great deal of writing flexibility in her two chosen genres.  She says, “I write Women’s Fiction, both secular Arlene Graberand Christian.”  This diversity has led to success, as she is writing the third book in her series, A Plane Tree in Provence.

Asked about her authorial beginnings, she remembers: “On the advice of a book doctor, I pitched an idea to a publisher about writing a non-fiction devotional book on my travels.”  The pitch apparently worked because Devoted to Traveling: Inspirational Experiences of a Traveler became available in 2010.

Arlene admits that writing isn’t always a joy.  She is “not sure what or where I would be without my writing.  I admit some days it brings joy, but other days it is quite frustrating.  I dwell on the good days and take off for a very long walk on the bad ones.”

She has found inspiration by attending conferences and lectures.  “Joining a critique group,” she writes, “has proved invaluable for me.”  She goes on to advise that new writers always have at least three people look over writing and edit, edit, edit.

Arlene’s Christian novel, Angel on My Shoulder, is a novel of Pringle Taylor.  “A Teacher in Brooklyn, New York, Pringle must decide what to do next, after she loses her job and says “Yes” to a marriage proposal.”

The second book in the Plane Tree Series, The Cape Elizabeth ocean Avenue Society, has just been released.  “Will these five women return from France and change their lives at home?” Both are available from Amazon.

To read more from Arlene and to see upcoming announcements of her work, visit her website.