Summary of the April 16th Meeting

We had a great presentation by Racine Zackula from the Wichita Public Library yesterday. If you missed it, we will soon have notes from that presentation on the website. She talked to us about the many, many resources available for everyone, especially writers.

Racine went over how to donate your author books to the library. You can donate two copies of your book to “Collection Development.” When you drop them off, provide your contact information. If approved for acceptance, the books will go (1) to the main library for circulation, and (1) to the branch library of your choice.

She also told us about the Short Story Dispensers, which is a wonderful way to introduce readers to your work (up to 8,000 words).

Dustin Boettcher also presented an informative program on poetry. We will soon have notes from that on the website as well.

The program/discussion for the May meeting was changed from what was previously agreed to: talking about first chapters. Now it will be about creating “Killer Titles.”

April 16th KWA Meeting

We have a Wichita Public Library speaker, Racine Zackula, scheduled to speak from 1:30-2:30 p.m. during this meeting. She will be covering:

  • How to donate your book to the library.
  • Self-Publishing tips and tricks.
  • Library resources for authors.
  • Researching resources.

She will speak for 45 minutes and take questions for 15 minutes. She has a slide show that goes with her topics.

We hope you come and join us to learn about all the “FREE” resources that the library has to offer us, as writers. Think about what questions you might have for Racine and bring those with you.

Let me know if you have questions about the speaker or how to remain a member in KWA. Hope to see you at the meeting!

Marcia Helten, Secretary

Some Places to Sell Articles

These are a number of places looking for articles, essays, and narratives. Go to the links to find out more details and submission information.

Guideposts – Pays for Christian faith-based stories (about 1,500 words), NOT essays or fiction.

Today’s Christian Living – Publishes story-based, inspirational, testimonial articles about how the Lord has touched lives. NO fiction, poetry, Bible studies, or sermons. Payment 60 days after publication: Less than 750 words – $25; 750-800 words – $75; 801-1,199 words – $100; 1,200-1,800 words – $150.

Vibrant Life – Publishes articles written in informal, interesting, easy-to-read style, and stay on one topic. Topics include self-help, health, exercise, and family. Payment for accepted articles: $100-$300.

Narratively – Publishes and pays for narrative non-fiction, NOT fiction, poetry, or opinion pieces.

BuzzFeed News – Publishes personal essays 1500-2500 words with a strong voice that does more than just describe your own experience. Topics can be about money, family, food, religion, relationships, disability, illness (mental or physical), race, body image, drugs, travel. They pay competitive rates per word ($.13 to $.27).

Anxiety Foundation – Publishes articles a minimum of 550 words that that are unique and family friendly about mental health. Pay $50 for articles they publish.

Woman’s World – Publishes personal stories, uplifting act of kindness stories, angel stories, “kids are funny” stories.

March 19 KWA Meeting

Just a reminder of our regular meeting on March 19 at 1:30. We are back in the Sedgwick County Extension office, Sunflower Room, at 21st and Ridge. You can enter from either street and park on either side. Access is easy and there are plentiful restrooms.

From the answers to the survey our secretary Marcia sent out, most questions were about promotions: social media, blogging, webpages, podcasts. We’ll start our discussion with information about promotion. However, we will give you an opportunity to fill out the survey on paper at the meeting, so we can be sure to address the topics you want most.

Other subjects requested were creating characters, writing tips, how to find agents/publishers, archeology. Another question was how authors place information in a narrative. We also requested your areas of expertise, which are many and varied. If any of you want to give a short (10-15 minutes) talk about your career or hobby, just hold up your hand. If any members need more information, you can connect or we can go deeper in another meeting.

Good questions to consider: Why do you love stories/books/reading/writing? What you need from a story/book as readers? What writing has most inspired you? Do you know any speakers who would consider making a presentation? We have had a county attorney speak in the past, which sparked lots of ideas.

Please come; bring a friend.

Katherine Pritchett

Some Helpful Info for Writers

There are many good sources for information for writers. One of my favorite places that has a lot of useful tips is

These are some of the articles that might be helpful to you:

Font Copyright Laws for Books: Your Print Book Could Be in Violation

Kindlepreneur Book Description Generator

Cover Design Articles

Book Formatting Tools

Best Book Writing Software 2022 to Write a Children’s Book in 9 Easy Steps (2022)

February 19th Meeting

This month’s meeting will take place at 740 W 2nd Ste 200, Wichita. This is accessible from the main entrance off McLean Street, near 2nd near the new main library. The meeting room is on the second floor, but there is a staircase and an elevator available. As usual, the meeting will run 1:30 to 4:00.

Starla Criser, with many successful published romances on her resume, will start the discussion about writing romance. And you folks will take it from there to who knows. We will also present some information on writing goals and how to achieve them.

If you haven’t already paid your dues, please do so soon. Any member unpaid as of March will not receive email updates or have access to the members only Facebook page. Hope to see all of you there.

Katherine Pritchett

January 15th – KWA Meeting

Happy New Year, writers! Our regular meeting is next Saturday, January 15, 1:30 to 4:00, at the Sedgwick County Extension office. ( The office is located at 7001 W. 21st St. N. AKA 21st and Ridge in Wichita. We will be in the Sunflower Room.

Unless someone else has something to present, I thought we could discuss writing goals and how to reach them. Bring links to any helpful website or programs you have tried or would like to investigate. Ways to encourage each other? Hold each other accountable? Other ways you can motivate yourself? Chocolate and caffeine are usually good. Music can help, too. How do you motivate yourself to BICHOK (Butt in Chair, Hands on Keyboard)?

Hope to see you all there. As usual, Kansas weather is cooperative until the weekend. Also a reminder that dues are due! $20 per year gets you information, networking and an alibi if you get caught researching how to murder…

Katherine Pritchett, President

KWA Membership

This is a reminder that KWA membership dues are from January 1 to December 31 annually. They are due on January 31 and are considered delinquent by March 31. At that time if you have not paid the annual dues, you will be removed from the current roster.

December 18 KWA Meeting

It is time for the annual KWA Holiday Party. The fun begins at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday December 18 in the Sunflower Room at the Sedgwick County Extension Office located at 7001 W 21st St, Wichita.

We will be having Jason’s Deli providing box lunches. If you plan to eat with us, you will need to contact Marcia Helten at by Dec 15. She can help you with the sandwich options available.

KWA will pay for the lunch boxes, but donations are always welcomed. Ice water and tea will be provided.

Come and enjoy being with people who have common interests! If you haven’t been to the monthly meetings in a while, be sure to come see everyone now.

KWA Update

I was waiting for complete information from the November meeting before I posted an update. Unfortunately, I still don’t have all the correct details. But I will share what I do know.

There is a proposal being considered by the board to amend the Bylaws concerning the terms of the officers. It was suggested that we stagger the officers for two year terms. At this time, we don’t have a term limit.

It was announced that Zoom may be available in the future from Marcia Helten, who has unlimited time.

The 2022 newly elected board members include Kathy Pritchett (President), Ben Sutherland (Vice-President), Angela Largent (Treasurer), Marcia Helten (Secretary), Sonny Collins (Member-at-Large), and Jatonna (Member-at-Large).