January Meeting Update

Greetings, fellow writers!  I hope your 2014 is off to a great start!

I’m looking forward to our January meeting.  Not only will our delayed holiday celebration finally take place (don’t forget to bring your favorite dish) but I’ll have the fun of introducing you to a concept I learned about several years ago on how to generate story ideas.

If you do plan to come to the meeting (and I certainly hope you do), please:

  • RSVP on our Facebook page so we’ll know approximately how many people are planning to attend
  • Label the ingredients on the food you bring so people with allergies will be able to tell if they can partake

KWA will provide water.  You may bring other beverages if you like.  We’ll also provide the plates, napkins, and plasticware – as well as small gifts (for what would a party be without gifts?).

As usual, there will be a short Board meeting beforehand starting at noon: anyone may attend.  We are still looking to fill a few positions: Secretary, PR, and Youth Coordinator.  If you think you may be interested in these positions, or would like to help in other ways, please come and visit with us or email board@kwawriters.org.

Stay warm and keep writing!




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