January Meeting

KWA Meetings

Saturday, Jan. 15

1:30-4 p.m.

Rockwell Public Library, Wichita, KS

TOPIC: Goals, Ideas, and Organization for your Writing

Author: KWA

The mission of KWA is to inform, support, encourage and promote the writer. We have more than 100 members who write in all genres, in fiction and non-fiction, who publish traditionally and online. Let us help you hone your skills, polish your work, network with other writers, and put you on the path to publication.

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  1. FYI-this is no complaint. I entered a manuscript of mine into the KWA Annual Writing Contest some months ago and got the survey back, but that was all. “Top 10” was circled, obviously not high enough to win any prize, which is fine with me; but, I have a friend, an avid member of the KWA, who tells me that, because I’m in the top ten, more will come of it, that an announcement will be made at the Scene Conference in March as to who exactly won that contest; that, because “Top 10” was circled, I may have actually placed. Well, I’m not a member, so I have no idea what’s going on, but I would like to. If someone who truly knows what he’s doing, knows about this contest, could lend a hand, I would be much obliged. Thanks.
    Charity Kester

  2. Hi Charity — I’ve asked our contest chair to come along and answer your question, so keep checking and we’ll get an answer for you shortly. Thanks!

    Erin O’Donnell
    KWA Webmaster

  3. Charity,
    The youth prose contest had close to 100 entries that were judged. You were placed in the top 10 with a 91%. There were numerous ties along the grading scale. There were a total of 4 judges who picked their top five spots from 20-25 entries sent to them. I judged those entries to pick the top awardees. Your entry did not make the second judging and placed in a tie for 6th place, along with a few others who achieved a score of 91.

    Awards, both financial and certificates go out to only 1st-3rd, and a certificate goes to Honorable Mentions which would be considered in 4th.

    I hope that makes sense to you and explains your standing in the contest.
    Ray “Grizzly” Racobs
    2010 Contest Chair

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