BIC Subject Categories and Qualifiers

BIC Subject Categories and Qualifiers

Definition of BIC Subject Categories: Standard classification scheme for the UK book trade and other English language markets. Fiction.

Code                Description

F                      DO NOT use “F” on individual books, select appropriate detailed code

FA                   Modern and contemporary fiction (post 1945)

FC                   Classic fiction (pre-1945)

FF                    Crime and mystery

FH                   Thriller/suspense

FJ                    Adventure

FK                   Horror and ghost stories

FL                   Science fiction

FM                  Fantasy

FP                    Erotic fiction

FQ                   Myth and legend told as fiction

FR                   Romance and sagas

FV                   Historical fiction; contemporary novels pre-1900

FW                  Religious and spiritual fiction

FX                   Graphic novels

FY                   Fiction: special features

FZ                   Fiction-related items

Y                     Children’s, teenage and educational

YB                   Picture books, activity books, and early learning material

YBC                Picture books

YBCB              Baby books; small format, board book, or rag book

YBCH             Picture books: character books; books based on TV or film characters, and books featuring established

                                    pictorially-represented characters used in several books or other products (eg Maisy, Spot,

                                    Beatrix Potter books, Disney books, etc.)

YBCS              Picture storybooks; picture books with a strong narrative text