Craft Articles & Links

Creating Story Worlds

Building a Cowboy Story World

Medieval Story World

Superheroes: Brief history, archetypes, basics for writing superheroes


Grammar and Style

10 Good Grammar Resources

Grammar Girl

Punctuation Marks

The Queen of English: Grammar and usage tips for writers


Writing Tips

7 Step Guide to Big Picture Revision

10 Apps to Help You Stay Focused On Your Writing

10 Secrets to Torturing Fictional People

10 Things Science Fiction Writers Should Know

21 Harsh but Eye-Opening Tips from Great Writers

22 Lessons from Stephen King

Backstory: Purposes & Problems

Climax and Story Resolution

Common Word Lengths

Creating a Writing Project Notebook

Dialog, Internalization, Narration

First novels

Free embedded pictures

Gaiman’s 8 Rules for Writing

Guide to using images

Historical Look at Book Sales

Hooking the Reader

How to get over writer’s block

How to Keep a Writing Streak Going

How to Show and Not Tell

How to think like a writer

Kim Stafford and the Power of Writing (video)

Margaret Atwood’s 10 Rules of Writing

Margaret Atwood’s Timeless Advice

NY Library Online Maps

Ray Bradbury’s Writing Secret Revealed

Science Fiction in 6 Words

Stephen King to share writing tips winter 2015

Story Structure & Plot

Subplots: How and When to Use Them

The Importance of Titles

The Periodic Page of Storytelling

The Psychology of Writing

The Worst Ways to Begin Your Novel

Universal Shapes of Stories

Understanding GMC-Goal, Motivation, Conflict

Understanding Point of View

Understanding Scenes, Sequels, and Chapters

Understanding Turning Points

Using Dialogue Tags

Using Sensory Details

What Do We Owe Our Readers?

Why Writers are the Worst Procrastinators

Writer’s Digest


Crime Fiction

Links and Resources for Writing Crime Fiction

Crime Fiction – Sub-genres

Tips on Writing Crime Fiction


Writing Workshops

The Writing Workshop Glossary


Writing Prompts, Events and Activities
NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month

Writing Fix


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