Writing Resources

Plot Generatorhttps://www.plot-generator.org.uk/

Plot help for short stories, movie scripts, fairytales, story ideas, opening lines, twists, writer’s block cures; creating a blurb; names, characters, song lyrics, poems

  • Create a short story by filling out a simple form: name of protagonist, opening, conflict, resolution, and more.
  • Cure writer’s block by getting prompts.
  • Name generator: examples to generate, gender, character’s title, flavor (human), what type of character is he/she, birth year.

Writing Promptshttps://www.writerswrite.com/prompts/

  • Random word generators to use as a writing challenge.
  • Create a character to-do lit.
  • Random facts writing prompt.
  • Use a riddle in your story.
  • Twist your story.
  • Scary words horror prompt.

Best Book Title Generatorshttps://kindlepreneur.com/free-book-title-generator-tools/

  • Title generators for various genres
    • Fantasy titles
    • Sci-Fi titles
    • Horror titles
    • Romance titles
    • Mystery novel titles
    • Crime book titles
    • Comic book titles
    • Children’s book titles
    • Non-fiction book titles

Short Story Prompts by Squibler – https://www.squibler.io/plot-generator

  • 500+ short story ideas
    • A first line generator
    • A story prompt generator
    • A creative random prompt generator
    • A random plot generator

Other Resources for Writing

How to Write a Novel: A Step-by-Step Guidehttps://www.novel-software.com/how-to-write-a-novel/#premise

  • The Novel Factory
    • Write a premise, develop a plot outline, complete character introductions
    • Write a short synopsis, an extended synopsis
    • Establish a goal, detailed character development
    • Scene blocking, write the first draft
    • Research your locations, develop subplots
    • Write character viewpoints
    • Redraft and edit, final polishing

The Ultimate World Building Template & Questionnairehttps://www.novel-software.com/worldbuilding-questionnaire/

  • The Novel Factory
    • Physics/nature
    • Geography and natural resources
    • Magic and religion
    • Population
    • Language and gestures, food, and dining
    • Work and culture, trade and conflict, governance
    • Celebrations, education, family

Character Archetypeshttps://www.novel-software.com/character-archetypes/

  • The Novel Factory
    • Using character archetypes to create characters
    • Commonly used character archetype sets
    • The Eight Hero’s Journey character archetypes
    • Michael Hauge’s Four Categories of Primary Characters

Free Novel Writing Worksheetshttps://www.novel-software.com/book-writing-worksheets/

  • The Novel Factory
    • The Premise
    • Novel Outline Worksheet
    • Character Basics
    • Character Voice
    • Character Development
    • The Short Synopsis
    • Extended Synopsis
    • Goal to Decision Cycle
    • Scene Overview
    • Five Key Story Elements: Examples from Popular Fiction