Elevator Pitch


An elevator pitch is a short sales pitch (60 seconds) to sell your wonderful book idea to agents, publishers, or readers while riding the elevator with them.

Steps in the Pitch

  1. What your book is about in up to 50 words, the bare bones. Be able to say it in one breath.
    1. Fiction or memoir – capture the plot, what happens, and what the story is.
    1. Nonfiction (business, self-help, inspiration, how-to) – capture what the reader will learn from your main point.
  2. What is the context of the book.
    1. Fiction or memoir – what is the world of the story (time period, location).
    1. Nonfiction – cultural and philosophical content of the issue or problem you are helping the reader with.
  3. Why the reader should care about the book.
    1. Fiction or memoir – what the reader might feel about your book or the impact it might have on them.
    1. Nonfiction – explain what they will learn from your book.
  4. Make it snappy in your unique voice.
    1. Fiction or memoir – give a sense of your style.
    1. Nonfiction – show your style and a real sense for what you are offering.

Tips in Writing the Pitch

  • Cut out unnecessary phrases, keep everything tight.
  • Only include the most interesting part of your book – primary themes, character, and conflict.
  • Have a compelling hook, what makes the reader want to read your story.
  • Indicate stakes and sources of tension.
  • Clearly know your target audience or market.
  • Make it reducible to a single sentence.

Questions to Discover the Core of Your Pitch

  • What makes your book different from other similar books?
    • Know why buyers have historically purchased books like yours.
    • Explain how your book is different from the others.
  • What makes your book special?
    • Communicate how your whatever genre book is different from others.
  • What makes you, the author, weird, unique, or appealing?
    • Knowing your uniqueness will help with your branding.
  • Who is your book for?
    • The pitch should change to accommodate different audiences, different age groups.
  • What is the most interesting thing about your book?
    • Choose the single most interesting point to focus on.
      • Fiction – focus on the protagonist with one interesting challenge.
  • Is your pitch easy to understand and easy to repeat?


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