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kansas-dreamsKWA Anthology – KANSAS DREAMS  A collection of short stories and poetry from 17 different authors that explore the theme “Kansas” with a large variety of tales – everything from westerns to sci-fi, romance to supernatural, and all, with a lot of heart and humor. It is available at Amazon-Kindle, and Lulu-paperback.


dont-dream-of-me_Sonny Collins announces the release of DON’T DREAM OF ME, a murder mystery. It is available at Amazon (Kindle and audio),



make-mine-murder_Sonny Collins announces the release of MAKE MINE MURDER, a murder mystery.  It is available at Amazon (Kindle).



stolen-soul_Jody Oliver Wilson announces the release of STOLEN SOUL, a mystery. It is available at Amazon (Kindle and paperback), Barnes & Noble (paperback).



192x300-Barnes & NobleStarla Criser announces the release of BLOSSOM SINGS WITH HER FRIENDS. This is the second book in the Blossom and Matilda children’s book series. It is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks as a paperback.


Wes Brummer - Dust and RosesWes Brummer announces the release of his historical novel, DUST AND ROSES. The book is available as a Kindle ebook and as a print book on Amazon.




Z Minor - The Sisterhood of the Coin - WRPZ. Minor, aka Louise Pelzl, announces the release of THE SISTERHOOD OF THE COIN. The book is available from Amazon as both a paperback and an ebook, and from the publisher The Wild Rose Press as both an ebook and a paperback.



Katherine Pritchett - What the River KnowsKatherine Pritchett announces the release of WHAT THE RIVER KNOWS, from The Wild Rose Press. It is available at AmazonThe Wild Rose Press, Barnes & Noble,



Gordon Kessler StoryMasters -AmazonGordon Kessler announces the release of STORYMASTERS: Advanced Notions in Novel Writing, an ebook for writers. His previous books in the seven editions of Novel Writing Made Simple were excellent help for new and experienced writers. This instruction book takes everything further, with a lot of new information. It is available at Amazon.