Characters and Archetypes

At our March 15th meeting Louise Pelzl and Kathy Pritchett discussed “Character Building.” They shared many of their personal tricks and those of published authors (passing around a stack of reference books for members to go through). They also discussed naming characters, etc., and keeping a master sheet for future reference. See attached to copy one off.

Character Names Master Chart

Dr. Linda Marie, a certified archetype consultant, shared a variety of ways to use archetypes to add depth to characters and help resolve/create conflict.  A handout packet of Balanced Archetype Descriptions was handed out and is attached, but can also be viewed (along with Archetype Descriptions of those challenged by Depression and Mistress Energy) on her website at:

Balanced Archetypes

Linda also handed out a character natal archetype chart breakdown to demonstrate how to use a chart of 12 archetypes to help pin down your character’s character.

Archetype Class 15 Mar 14




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