Scene Conference 2013!

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March 16, 2013

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Scene 2013!

Holiday Inn – Kellogg and Rock

 We are excited to bring you a 1-Day program full of great opportunities to learn more about the Craft and Business of Writing.  Continue reading to learn more about our special speakers and their presentations. 


The Heart of a Writer  – Stan Finger

A seasoned journalist for the Wichita Eagle and a Pulitzer Prize nominee, Stan was the co-author of “Into the Deep: One Man’s Story of How Tragedy Took His Family but Could Not Take His Faith”, retelling the account of how Robert Rogers lost his wife and four young children in a flash flood here in Kansas in 2003.


The Voice of the Writer — John Jenkinson

John Jenkinson’s misspent youth consisted of long years enduring low-end jobs. A late return to the groves of Academe resulted in an MFA from Wichita State University, a PhD from the University of North Texas, and a Milton Center post-doctoral Fellowship in Poetry at Newman University. His poems have been recipients of an AWP Intro Journals Award, the Ellipses Prize, a New Voices Award, a Balticon Science Fiction Award, and awards from Kansas Voices. Currently, he teaches literature and writing at Butler Community College in Kansas John has spent the past several years engaged in song-writing and occasional performances.


The Eyes of a Writer — Roy Wenzl

An award winning journalist for the Wichita Eagle, Roy is the co-author of the book “Bind, Torture, Kill: The Inside Story of BTK, the Serial Killer Next Door” He returns after a successful presentation at the 2009 Scene Conference. His forthcoming book, “The Miracle of Father Kapaun”, will be published by St. Ignatius Press in the spring of 2013.


The Vision of the Writer — EsperEsper

Esper steals all of his ideas from the brain of an 11th century poet that he keeps in a jar in his attic. He is part of the Wichita Prose Collective and a co-host of the Poets On Perry Street. He also has a YouTube channel “RepsespeR” (or just search “Esper comedy”).


The Soul of a Writer  — Jenna Blum (Keynote Speaker)

Jenna is the New York Times and international best selling author of “Those Who Save Us” and “The Stormchasers.” As she states on her website “Both The Stormchasers and Those Who Save Us are books about people whose lives are rearranged by huge destructive forces beyond their control. Both books are about survivor guilt, secrecy, and hope. Both books are about moral responsibility: how far will we go to protect those we love?